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New Project Lorenum

Directed by Christophe Desgouttes, lorenum is a film based on randomly edited live sketches.
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  What is Dagoprod ?

Dagoprod is a 2D and 3D human-sized animation workshop in Paris.
Its goal is to stage not only the world of Dago - who was created in 1989 -, but also the one of other authors through experimental animated movies.The films produced by Dagoprod are later converted into comic strips or 3DStrips to allow a wider distribution of these worlds.The philosophy of the workshop is : " minimum means, maximum effect ". To do so, Dagoprod works mostly with open source tools - animation with Blender, editing with Kdenlive - and partly free tools - 3DStrips with Unity3D.
Dagoprod is meant to be an independent workshop, and every financial means are sought to remain so : selling books, the " pay what you like " option for the 3DStrips and crowdfunding for the movies.

  Who is Dago ?

Created in 1989 by Christophe Desgouttes, Dago is a half man and half bird character - a round and a beak, sometimes wings and sometimes arms.
The world of Dago is humorous, both surreal and poetic.

Dago A series of humorous drawings

His favorite themes are love, war, the infinitely big and the infinitely small, the city, man, his reasons for living ... everything between birth and death.
First drawn with a Rotring pen, he gradually developed into the 3D World.
As the natural source of the workshop he gave it his name, and you will find traces of him in every films, books and 3DStrips produced by Dagoprod.

dagoprod on mobile phone pc tablette

Explore the Dago's Universe. Walk, fly around the moon and the Earth !


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